Cyber Security: Complex solutions made Simple

Cyber Security Elements

We use a number of methods and vendors to help completely secure our customers data. Backups for ransomware protection, password managers for credentials, multi-factor authentication, anti-spoof & anti-phishing protection, RADIUS authentication and device audit and management. Read more about how we help organisations.

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Azure ExpressRoute Interconnect: Navigate to Azure

Azure ExpressRoute

Provisioning connections between data centres and external services has always been a problem. Which is why only 28.3% of organisations use a Direct Connect model to services such as Azure. Now you can consolidate multiple cloud vendors into a single user interface, quickly and simply deploy multi-cloud environments. Interconnect as your cloud business model: no lock-in contracts, pay-as-you-go, and you only pay for what you need.


Data Sovereignty: What it is and why it’s Important

Data Sovereignty

Ensure you achieve the best possible data centre or cloud technical, commercial and compliance fit for your business. We have the industry and market knowledge regarding Data Centre and Cloud to help you eliminate what can be a frustrating and time consuming exercise. We monitor data centre capacity, managed services, new data centre builds, costs, availability and cloud suitability.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

Many businesses are confused by the regulation of the GDPR and find them almost impossible to translate into a set of controls to implement across the organisation. With just one purchase you can now put in place the security baseline you need in order to meet the legislation and get compliant.


Cyber-fraud or future currency? All about Bitcoin.

Cyber-fraud and Bitcoin

Bitcoin, has risen to fame in recent years and become especially prevalent due to the recent media coverage linked to cyber-fraud, particularly the WannaCry ransomware attack. They’re anonymous and not in the control of banks and governments. Despite its affiliations with the illegal economy, and the association with cyber-fraud, major banks and companies across the world are in talks to adopt digital currencies such as Bitcoins.


Microsoft Azure Applications | Glossary

Microsoft Azure Glossary

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service from the global software giant, Microsoft. Azure offers a vast range of useful compute and application resources. These are all offered on-demand and in a cost-effective manner which helps businesses scale and grow. Hopefully, like me, you can learn from this glossary even complicated sounding terminology usually has a simple explanation. Which can be useful when developing your knowledge on technical topics.