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iOS 11 Update includes Patches for Eight Vulnerabilities

iOS 11 is out today with a new look and feel on the iPad. The release comes with eight patches for Apple iOS vulnerabilities.

Attackers use MS Office to Leak System Profile Data

The exploit affects Windows, iOS and Android. Spear phishing campaigns with the attachments are groundwork for future attacks.

VMware Patches Bug That Allows Guest to Execute Code on Host

VMware users are being encouraged to update due to a write vulnerability, in ESXi, vCenter Server, Workstation, and Fusion.

Thousands of Servers Host Point-of-Sale Malware

15,000 insecure Elasticsearch servers with 4,000 hosting the Point-of-Sale malware strains Alina and JackPoS.

Zerodium Offering $1M for Tor Browser Zero Days

The company said it will pay up to $1 million for fully functional, unknown zero day exploits for Tor Browser.