Research is the foundation of all brilliant innovation. It is the basis of turning our industry into plausible plans, the changing of ideas, with clear vision and direction.

We work closely with Universities, and their professors and PHD students. Taking an analytical approach to research, utilising a wealth of experience in academia and combining it with commercial idea’s to create real world applications.


Ideas will always just be an idea without action. We work with innovative fresh thinking firms to develop completely new real world applications for real challenges.

We believe that partnering with firms provides vast amounts of knowledge beyond our own, guaranteeing our developments are meticulously built with no stone unturned.

This delivers forward thinking, simple to use, and effective applications to long-standing business problems.


We’ve always got a live project, whether in research or development stage, it’s what our forward thinking approach is about. Constantly striving to push the boundaries of tech as we know it, not settling for the standard.

DEGAS – Digital Evidence Gathering and Substantiation for fraud detection systems.

SAM – Smart Anti-fraud Matrix. Using big data to find fraud in real time.

HEIDI – Healthcare appointment booking and reminder system with open-data integration.

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