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Entrust Datacard announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Thales’ General Purpose Hardware Security Module (GP HSM) business, nCipher Security.

With this acquisition Entrust Datacard enhances its existing public key infrastucture (PKI) and SSL offerings, which the company says positions itself to effectively secure customers’ sensitive information and business critical applications with the implementation of new digital initiatives, particularly those solutions using general purpose HSMs.

The hope is to better protect blockchain, crypto wallets and internet of things (IoT) manufacturing – some of the most vulnerable aspects of emerging business applications – and to help customers achieve compliance with stringent regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS).

“We are extremely pleased to complete this acquisition and bring nCipher’s exceptional talent and technology into the Entrust Datacard portfolio,” said Todd Wilkinson, president and CEO of Entrust Datacard, in a press release.

“The need for secure network access and data integrity continues to multiply – from mobile devices and cloud services to connected IoT devices and digital payments. The use of HSMs is expanding across all of these domains. With nCipher now part of our solution portfolio, customers will see benefit from our expanded offerings for the most sensitive, high assurance use cases.”

For nCipher, the deal brings 300 employees in as part of the Entrust Datacard team and expands its authentication and cloud capabilities, and allows it to offer advanced solutions from Entrust Datacard’s secure hosting facilities. “nCipher is excited to join the talented Entrust Datacard team. This acquisition quickly expands the global footprint for nCipher solutions and accelerates our strategy for ‘as-a-service’ offerings,” said Cindy Provin, CEO of nCipher Security.

“HSMs provide a foundation of trust for business applications such as PKI, blockchain, mobile payments and code signing. As a single company, Entrust Datacard is positioned to effectively secure our customers’ sensitive information and business critical applications as they implement new digital initiatives.”

Source: Infosecurity Magazine

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