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Nokia has announced a new deployment of its cloud-based convergent charging system on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The announcement is an expansion of an existing partnership between the two firms that aims to accelerate the migration of high-frequency charging applications to the public cloud for communications service providers (CSPs).

A convergent charging system is a telecommunications innovation that enables the ‘convergence’ of payment methods. This has emerged due launch of new multimedia services and the increasing prevalence of multi-play service offerings on mobile networks.

The idea is to extract more benefits with cloud-based 5G applications with CSPs tapping into new revenue streams from 5G-enabled technologies, such as IoT.

Nokia claims its Converged Charging (NCC) provides “true” continuous availability as its supports high frequency, low latency demands for an “always-on” charging system that a 5G economy would need. It offers CSPs the chance to run workloads on AWS and develop new ways to monetise projects as a part of their journey to the public cloud.

“The technological barriers of deploying charging systems on the public cloud, such as network latency, are decreasing rapidly due to faster-dedicated connections and far edge CNF deployments; while the advantages, such as having the ability to grow capacity for one-off short-range events, are increasing,” said Udi Israel, Nokia’s head of digital business product line, cloud and network services.

According to global consultation and research firm, Analysys Mason, SaaS and public cloud will make inroads into the market for monetisation platforms by growing more than six times its size by 2025.

Nokia suggests its NCC’s architecture can support CSPs at every step of their public cloud journey, from the deployment of greenfield sub-brands as a first step towards hosting testing environments to full production workloads of the main brand on the public cloud.

“As the world becomes increasingly cloud-centric, it’s important that our customers can leverage cloud-native solutions to unleash the potential benefits of the cloud and 5G,” said Fabio Cerone, EMEA telco managing director at AWS.

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