Sebastian Jesson-Ward

Sebastian Jesson-Ward


Founder, Dad, cyclist, car nut. Can often be observed mid-dramatic monologue, usually about some or other piece of software or hardware not being intuitive. May occasionally multi-task in the pursuit of a solution to a problem nobody believes exists.

Back in the heady days of the early 2000s, at Cable & Wireless and XO Communications, Sebastian was fortunate enough to work with organisations such as Deutche Bank, Interflora, TUV and Williams F1.

Towards the end of the last decade Sebastian assisted organisations in developing and deploying strategic IT services for both Public and Private sectors including Lockheed, Geopost UK, GIM Plc, UPG Plc, GAB Robins, NACRO and The Healthcare Purchasing Consortium, procurement for over 80 NHS Trusts.

This experience has led him to possess a good understanding of the needs of a number of sectors and the challenges of compliance, such as integration with business process, and policy enforcement.

Serviceteam IT was founded by Sebastian in 2011 as he felt we could improve on the experience from large enterprise organisations due to a lack of innovation and a sense of treating customers as a means to an end for shareholder profit.

Patrick Sherlock

Patrick Sherlock

Marketing Development Manager

Having come from a background in social science, Patrick provides analysis of how technology impacts upon the various sectors and layers of society at both a micro level and a macro level, based upon a thorough understanding of data analysis and research design.

Having developed market research on a number of disruptive technologies including IP Telephony, eye tracking, data analytics, and eHealth, Patrick possesses knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that result from the widespread impact of digital technology.

Patrick also has experience with bridging existing business processes with technological solutions that utilise the processing capacity of IT, to empower the creativity and diversity of human decision making.