Facebook has pledged to support research into AI mind reading technology in hopes that it could give a voice to those who have lost the ability to speak.


AWS and Azure have dominated the cloud computing market for years but are now facing a challenge from Google.


5G is being rolled out in cities across the world, but could it solve rural connectivity problems?

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Boris Johnson aide wrote to data watchdog in 2017 complaining electoral system was…

start-up table tennis

CIOs are increasingly under pressure to switch to a more modern, “start-up” culture, should they give in? The new approach has many demonstrable benefits, but some remain skeptical.

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Donald Trump has made clear he wants a post-Brexit Britain to let US…


Ransomware cyber attacks could leave you and your business without access to crucial IT services. Here’s how to deal with and prevent them.


Innovative African entrepreneurs are challenging Western perceptions of their continent, but there is still a way to go before its potential can be fully realised.

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The data protection laws introduced last year are failing us – and our…