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Gain superior bandwidth with capacities from 10Mbps to more than 10Gbps available



Smart Networks are a building block to access multiple other services



Maintain your core business functions with secure and resilient connections, with high availability as guaranteed by a proactively monitored Service Level Agreement



Consolidate multiple services over a single connection. This means your organisation benefits from a single connection fee and a single installation fee, while maintaining the adaptability and scalability required for your organisation to grow.

Smart Network: How does it work?

Why do you need multiple connections for all your services when one will do? Smart Network solves this problem.

A Smart Network is a business internet service that provides business-grade, end to end fibre. The line is uncontended, meaning there is no disruption from consumer peaks in the traffic. This means customers receive ultra-fast, symmetrical and fully scalable Internet connectivity that continues to serve your needs as your organisation grows, thereby future proofing your connectivity investment.

The clever bit is that you don’t need the entire capacity of your connection for Internet with a Smart Network, you can split the circuit using secure VLANs and use it to deliver other services and applications, thus reducing infrastructure costs. The Smart Network service provides uncontended and scalable bandwidth for all the critical services that your organisation needs – both now, and in the future. A Smart Network connection delivered by Serviceteam IT allows your organisation to benefit from a customer first approach, and enjoy highly available support backed by proactively monitored Service Level Agreements.

Smart Network: Explainer video.

Fully Managed

Managed networks enable you to outsource the management of all, or certain specific parts of your networks to an expert partner. We offer bespoke management services to cover everything from set-up to operations.

Cloud Ready

We ensure that your connection is supportive of your organisation. It’s critical that underlying infrastructure can deliver high availability, security, mobility to enable your organisation is ready to take advantage of the cloud.


We consider a range of options to suit your organisation and budget. We offer a range of options starting from 10Mbps through to 10Gbps. If your business grows, your network has the scalability to grow with you.

What can Serviceteam IT do for you?

  • Continuity & Reliability

    Up to 99.999% uptime as guaranteed by a proactively monitored Service Level Agreement. Resilient connections to minimise downtime, delay, packet loss, & jitter.

  • Scalability & Flexibility

    A capacity to suit you, from 10Mbps to >10Gbps. Enjoy consistent and scalable bandwidth transmitted over a reliable network.

  • Dedicated Line

    Dedicated line, giving you a 1:1 contention ratio. Your connection is used exclusively by your traffic.

  • Support & Maintenance

    24/7 support from our dedicated fault management team. Hardware maintenance included as standard service.

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