A subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments.


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Cloud Connection: Keep data flowing research

Cloud may be the heart of many companies’ infrastructure but it would be nothing without the veins of connectivity that keep the data flowing. The UK Cloud Snapshot Survey 2017 asked what cloud connection companies use to access their cloud solutions. This was split out from their normal office connectivity unless they relied on an open public cloud connection.

Uber Reveals 2016 Breach of 57 Million User Accounts

Uber CEO said a 2016 data breach that exposed 57 million Uber user…

Data Pours from Cloud—And ‘The Enemy is Us’

Enterprises are grappling with widespread incidents of misconfigured servers leaking sensitive data to…


Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Glossary

Amazon Web Services – the division of Amazon that sells cloud computing services – has grown rapidly since its release in March 2006 eleven years ago. Amazon has disclosed that they have more than a million active customers every month. Due to this reach, it is important for those interested in the technology sector to understand what exactly it is.

Experts Warn Too Often AWS S3 Buckets Are Misconfigured, Leak Data

An analysis of Amazon Web Services storage containers reveals troubling trend of misconfigured S3 buckets that leak data.

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Cloud Connect Explained | An Introductory Guide

Cloud Connect uses the latest in fibre hardware technology to create a physical link between your network, and the cloud. While most data will travel across the public Internet, Cloud Connect is a dedicated connection between your network and your cloud services. Learn what it is, how it works, why you need it.

Auto Lender Exposes Loan Data For Up To 1 Million Applicants

A trove of consumer auto loan data—some 1 million records—has been locked down after a researcher found an exposed and accessible database online. Source: Cloud Security Auto Lender Exposes Loan Data For Up To 1 Million Applicants