Any type of deliberate deception for unfair or unlawful gain that occurs online. The most common form is online credit card theft.


Incidents infecting hundreds of thousands of computers globally bring problems into rather sharp focus. Ransomware has been with us for many years. We’ve seen a number of customer cases that prove it’s possible to survive these attacks. Without having to pay. As the ransomware threat continues, it’s imperative to understand how you can protect your business. Having a strategy is a really good start.

The malware is a dropper discovered by Kaspersky Lab as Reconyc. The dropper is a cybercrime tool used to install other malware on infected computers. IBM said the drives that were infected have a part number 01AC585; Storwize systems with serial numbers beginning with 78D2 aren’t compromised.

In its research, Flashpoint said the United States, Germany, and Ukraine appear to be the most frequently targeted countries. The most exploited sectors are education, followed by healthcare, legal, aviation, and government. Least vulnerable to these types of attacks are the financial and telecom sectors. Microsoft Windows is the most popular of the platforms targeted […]