The system or group of people governing an organized community.


GoScanSSH Malware Targets SSH Servers, But Avoids Military and .GOV Systems

Researchers identify a new malware family called GoScanSSH that avoids servers linked to…

Is Blockchain Really Disruptive in Terms of Data Security?

Blockchain can provide transparency, decentralization, efficiency, security, and other benefits, revolutionizing multiple industries….

Telegram Ordered to Hand Over Encryption Keys to Russian Authorities

Popular secure messaging service Telegram loses battle with Russian courts and now must…

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Is Government ready for blockchain?

Over recent months IBM has urged the government to consider the use of blockchain as a way of saving time, money and averting risk. IBM has stated that this technology needs to be seen as more than just the foundation for cryptocurrencies. IBM is amongst the growing number of companies offering Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS); a service that allows enterprises to pilot the technology without having to undergo huge capital expenditure in hardware and onsite development.

Olympic Destroyer: A False Flag Confusion Bomb

Researchers say the case of Olympic Destroyer malware show how threat actors can…

Lookout: Dark Caracal Points To APT Actors Moving To Mobile Targets

Lookout researchers discussed Dark Caracal’s implications for APT actors in the mobile space…

Apple Tackles Cellebrite Unlock Claims, Sort Of

In the wake of claims an Israeli company Cellebrite has developed an unlocking…