Forests in the US that generate the carbon offsets bought by Microsoft are on fire as summer blazes rage in North America. Corporate net-zero emission pledges rely on such projects to compensate for the carbon dioxide generated by companies that are unable to make sufficient cuts to their actual emissions.

Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft reaped almost $1bn a week in profits in latest quarterly announcements. At $56.8bn, the total was almost double the year before and 30 per cent more than investors had predicted.

Microsoft and Google are set to hang up their gloves as they call quits to a six-year legal truce. The software and internet search giants reached the pact in 2015 to end a running battle that had been fought out in courtrooms and in front of regulators around the world.

Former US president’s Donald Trump’s spat with Amazon founder squillionaire Jeff Bezos raised its head recently after the US military sent a $10 billion computer contact back to the drawing board.

Will cloud computing rain on the investor’s parade like it’s 1999? Surging valuations of Cloud software companies – and investor fears at missing out on the next Zoom – mean companies are being valued at billions based on meagre revenue streams.

President Trump is currently threatening to ban TikTok in the United States. The app was expected to establish its headquarters in California or New York. This is unless Microsoft, or another American firm, acquires the platform.

In January, Microsoft gave themselves the task to be carbon negative by 2030. Microsoft also plan to remove their historical carbon emissions by 2050.

Support for Windows 7 has ended, leaving Marcy wondering how they can protect…

Support for Windows 7 has ended, leaving Marcy wondering how they can protect…

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