What is Data Sovereignty?

Data sovereignty refers to when data is subject to the laws and the legal jurisdiction of the country in which it is stored.

Why is Data Sovereignty important?

Due to the fact that privacy regulations and compliance laws are not the same in every country, organisations should pay close attention to where their data is stored.

  • Know the exact location of your data
  • Ensure you’re compliant with regulations
  • Mitigate legal and financial risk

Many of the current concerns surrounding data sovereignty relate to enforcing privacy regulations and preventing data that is stored in a foreign country from being subject to legal investigation by the host country’s government.

How we can help with Data Sovereignty?

Many organisations do not consider data sovereignty to be a big deal. But it really is a big deal. It is very important that you know the location of your data, whether with your cloud based provider or your third-party data centre. Where your data is stored, where your data is backed-up and how your data is moved around. These factors could seriously affect your legal liabilities and your regulatory compliance.

Ensure you achieve the best possible data centre or cloud technical, commercial and compliance fit for your business. We have the industry and market knowledge regarding Data Centre and Cloud to help you eliminate what can be a frustrating and time consuming exercise. We monitor data centre capacity, managed services, new data centre builds, costs, availability and cloud suitability.

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Author: Sebastian Jesson-Ward

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