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Not so very far in the past, the only viable option in order to connect to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) was over the public Internet. In many cases this is still the primary and yet least effective method for almost 40% of businesses we surveyed. With the rapid shift to cloud computing, many customers are demanding more; increased security, lower latency, greater capacity and vastly improved reliability.

CSPs realised quite some time ago that better end-to-end cloud performance wasn’t going to be an option using the public Internet. It was also a fact that they didn’t have the know how, or the infrastructure, to manage interconnectivity between hundreds of network service providers and customers in their own data centres. The investment and the complexity was a distraction from their core services, even if it was holding back larger customer operations moving to their cloud services!

It didn’t take all that long for CSPs to realise the answer to their problem were the carrier-neutral data centres spread across the globe; the Internet Exchanges (IXs). Network service providers were already present at these locations, all the CSPs had to do to extend their connectivity was to meet them there. Now there were direct physical links between the network service provider network and the cloud service provider; bypassing the less than stable Internet and providing a managed private network. This interconnectivity, called private peering, enabled direct, end-to-end connectivity. An entire suite of security, latency and performance improvements came with it! Not to mention the huge cost savings for customers moving massive volumes of data between their cloud environments and their on-premise infrastructure.

Cloud connectivity today falls into two main areas, one that relies on the public Internet, the other using private, dedicated connectivity. Within these two main areas there are potentially five connectivity options available:

Public Internet

Cloud connectivity using the public internet

Public Internet with cloud prioritisation

Cloud connectivity using public internet and cloud prioritisation


Direct Ethernet cloud connect


MPLS IP VPN cloud connect


SD WAN cloud connect

There are many benefits and some pitfalls to the various options. We’ll cover these in more detail in the next post.

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