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Our final track at CyberUK In Practice is ‘Cyber Insights’, which our CTO of our Economy and Wider Society Team (Andy) has spent a long time working on, whilst simultaneously putting together content for the CyberUK Strategy track he’s helping to run.

One thing I’ve not mentioned so far in my blogs, is that Andy (and all the other leads for each track) represent some of our most in-demand specialists. They spend a lot of time away from their day jobs thinking about the best people to invite to speak at events, persuading them to put forward talks, and sorting out the key messages for each slot so that the tracks all fit together nicely. It’s a job that they make look easy, but up close I see just how much effort it takes. So a big ‘thank you’ from Ian M and myself to Harry, Shane, Rachel, Helen, Chris, Michael and Andy, for all of your efforts!

As we were assembling the tracks, we realised there were a couple of big topics that we needed to include in the agenda, but we didn’t want to shoehorn them into the four tracks we’d already identified. So our one-day Cyber Insights track was born to pick up these topics and give them a space. The hardest part was finding a name for the track!

First up is a talk from Simon from the Information Commissioners Office. Simon will be talking about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into force in 2018. The introduction of the GDPR is something that’s going to have some big implications for cyber security, so there’s a lot to learn from Simon. I’ve seen him in action before, and he’s an insightful and interesting speaker.

Following Simon’s talk, my colleague Ian will be chairing a panel in which Simon and other specialists in GDPR from across industry will be discussing the challenges GDPR presents, and some of the approaches they think will work.

The second slot in Cyber Insights is an NCSC-led session on our CyberFirst initiative to help build the next generation of cyber security specialists. Chris, our Deputy Director for Cyber Growth and Skills, will be leading a discussion on the range of activities currently underway and will also talk about opportunities for further Government and Industry involvement.

Finally, we close the day with a brilliant session from our partners at the National Crime Agency. They will be discussing the fantastic work they’re leading as part of the Cyber Prevent Programme, including how they dissuade people from entering a life of cyber crime. 

Not long left now until Liverpool – see you all soon!


Source: National Cyber Security Centre

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