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Here at the National Cyber Security Centre we’re keen to share with you not only our formal guidance and news about what we’ve done, but what it is we’re currently working on, what challenges we face, or just share our insights on the world of cyber security in general. The NCSC Blog is where we will do this.

Our blogs are mainly written by staff working for the NCSC — and we’re starting off with our CEO Ciaran Martin — but in future we may feature guest bloggers. They are personal, being written by any of our staff that has something to share; this means sometimes they may be very technical and aimed at a specialist audience, sometimes they may be more business focussed and aimed at a particular sector, and sometimes they may just be an update on something we are doing. Whatever the subject though, we hope they’ll always be interesting and thought provoking.

We really want to hear from our audience too, so please join in the cyber conversation by commenting, making suggestions for what you’d like to read about, even disagreeing — we welcome challenge in cyber security. We want this space to be a genuine sharing of ideas and will aim to read all the comments you post and where possible reply.

Health warning

Remember this blog is a public forum, so don’t post anything personal or any private information and please maintain respect for all those involved in a conversation. Comments are pre-moderated to ensure they comply with our participation guidelines (see our Terms and Conditions). Any comments that don’t comply will not be published.

And finally, this isn’t the place to raise specific customer queries — please use the web form to Contact us instead, providing as much information as possible.

Source: National Cyber Security Centre

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