How Artificial Intelligence AI Can Help Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is starting to become more present in workplaces and applications. Will AI start to generate real economic value across multiple sectors in 2020?

According to PwC, the widespread adoption of AI will add £12.8 trillion to the global GDP by 2030. Initially, you would think that this contribution would primarily be from AI-focused companies. However, the research suggests this will come from the integration of AI in traditional industries. The earlier the adoption of the tech, the bigger the benefits.

In Serviceteam’s previous UK technology research, we have tried to understand the level of AI adoption in UK business. In 2019, 12% of respondents had live AI projects. Additionally, another 22 percent plan to be rolling out AI projects within the next 12 months. There was a higher interest in this technology and IoT in comparison with Blockchain and Edge.

Therefore, there is a movement in UK businesses to AI adoption.

A key part of AI infusion is the automation of repetitive tasks. This can be through robotic process automation (RPA). Routine tasks which are a part of most jobs may now be automated. This is through RPA performing functions such as processing and data management.

This routine placement can be used in customer service and telemarketing roles through speech recognition.

There will also be new tasks where AI can apply, especially in the healthcare industry. However, this is more of a long-term goal to help Doctors and Nurses, not to replace them. Further, there is the idea that we could use AI to grade homework, coursework and exams in education. Therefore, teachers can focus on student’s personal development and emotional wellbeing.

Overall, employees time can be freed up to focus on more complex matters.

Serviceteam has tried to understand people’s opinions regarding the increasing use of automation in businesses and how this will affect the workplace. These fears generally link back to the idea of a skills shortage. If you would like more information about this, follow this link.

AI is still an emerging technology. However, it looks like we will see it more and more in our daily lives, and change them for the better.

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