Digital Transformation and the Environment

Businesses have begun to realise aligning projects with strategic business goals not only improves their competitive advantage, it improves the skills and engagement of their employees, enhances their understanding of local markets and helps them to be productive members of the communities they serve. They increasingly leverage core assets, including Digital Transformation, to these ends.

Organisations are becoming more environmentally conscious. Corporate social responsibility is increasingly important both for the planet and customer perceptions. Digital transformation can aid this cause.

The industrial revolutions have created economic growth at the expense of the environment. Fossil fuels and natural resources increase emissions and greenhouse gasses. The crisis of climate change and the effect this will have globally shows clear signs that this cycle needs to break. The fourth revolution of tech may break this cycle.

Currently sustainability is a goal made by organisations. Microsoft is aiming to be carbon negative by 2030 and remove their historical carbon emissions by 2050. Transform to Net Zero includes Nike and Starbucks, for example. By the end of this decade, these will no longer be goals but practice.

Through digital transformation and services there is no paper. Files are transferred online or are available in the cloud. Communication is via email or communication services. This can be accessed 24/7 at any place. Therefore, employees do not need to commute – nationally or internationally – to receive information or files.

Collaboration services and IP Telephony means work can be collaborative even when working remotely. People can be reached, and productivity can remain high.

In an office environment if employees do commute, can be smart. This could help conserve energy. Smart sensors and other technology can help the building monitor energy consumption. Electricity and central heating can be controlled to a greater degree saving resources and money. Blockchain and IoT can also monitor supply chains to check vendors and suppliers without a further commute.

Digital transformation has many positives and negatives for businesses but could aid environmental and corporate responsibility goals.

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