In January, Microsoft gave themselves the task to be carbon negative by 2030 in pursuit of sustainability. Microsoft also plan to remove their historical carbon emissions by 2050.

Microsoft recently announced a new product to help the organisation reach this goal. The product aims to bring transparency to a business’ sustainability efforts.  

“Help your business better report, understand, and reduce your organisation’s environmental impact. Get complete transparency into your total Microsoft cloud-based carbon emissions with Microsoft Sustainability Calculator” 

The calculator will use AI and advanced analytics to provide practical insights to reduce an organisation’s emissions and forecast emissions.

According to Microsoft, the key features include:  

  • Gain visibility using a sustainability dashboard to understand greenhouse gas emissions associated with Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud usage.
  • Learn the root cause of emissions changes by tracking actual and avoided emissions over time. 
  • Measure the environmental impact of Microsoft cloud services on your carbon footprint with consistent and accurate carbon accounting. 
  • Calculate how to further reduce emissions by moving additional applications and services to the cloud. 

In addition, an organisation will be able to easily report their environmental impact. This includes Scope 1-3 emissions data and quantifiable emissions data which converts units to mtCO2e. 

Further, Microsoft is also a founding member of Transform to Net Zero. Mercedes-Benz, Nike and Starbucks are also among the organisation’s founding members. 

Transform to Net Zero aims to deliver guidance and business plans to enable a transformation to net zero emissions, as well as research, advocacy, and best practices to make it easier for the private sector to not only set ambitious goals–but also deliver meaningful emissions reductions and economic success. 

The aim is to convert commitments to action and transform business.  

“Importantly, the coalition will also focus on ensuring that the coming transition to a low-carbon economy is an equitable and just one,” Microsoft said 

Apple also aims to become carbon neutral in 2030 and Amazon launched a $2 billion fund to develop technologies to cut down greenhouse gasses.  

If you would like to read more about Microsoft’s environmental goals and their plans, please click here.

To request early access to the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator, please click here.

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