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Midlands-based Cloud specialists Serviceteam IT support a flourishing organisation. Providing Office 365, Internet, IP Telephony, Business Continuity and IT Support for industry-leading grower, BanaBay.

Serviceteam IT, based in Birmingham, have confirmed the fourth consecutive year with BanaBay. Having delivered an initial fibre connection, services now include. IP Telephony, IT Support, Office 365 Support, Cloud Backup and Business Continuity.

What do we do?

  • Business Continuity: Infrastructure failure, user error, Ransomeware & Cyber Attacks or simple acts of God have dramatic affects upon any business. Serviceteam IT have implemented industry leading Datto ALTO for Banabay. The Datto ALTO is a fully featured complete data-protection platform. Providing enterprise grade business continuity at a small business price. Faster backups, faster restores, and superior recovery times, seamlessly addresses complex data protection use cases right out of the box.
  • IP Telephony: BanaBay required a flexible telephony system that could scale with the business. Communication between multiple countries can quickly become costly. BanaBay is a global business, in a competitive market and therefore cost is an important issue. Serviceteam IT solved their communication issues by sourcing and overseeing the installation of an IP Telephony system. This allows their staff to communicate seamlessly across the globe. And at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.
  • Internet: Access to the Internet is important to BanaBay, ensuring that a robust Internet connection is available. Unexpected downtime was affecting the productivity of the business. Serviceteam IT solved their connectivity issues by sourcing and overseeing the installation of a high availability fibre Internet connection. This allowed the global workforce to connect to the resources they required on demand 24/7.
  • IT Support: A specific challenge was managing all of the businesses IT assets, and dealing with the day-to-day issues of technology. All without having to establish an IT department. Serviceteam IT implemented a dedicated support plan, allowing BanaBay to outsource their day-to-day IT problems. Enabling them to concentrate on their core business. IT Support costs are reduced with on-site self service Appliances. Functions such as self-service password management for all of their diverse services, user & service logging, asset management and network monitoring.
  • Office 365: The final challenge was that of enabling collaboration between multiple staff, in multiple sites, across the globe. Getting them access the resources they needed, as and when required. Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner, Serviceteam IT enabled BanaBay to take advantage of the latest cloud-based productivity software, Office 365. This allowed their staff to communicate via email and Skype for Business, share and edit documents in real-time. Enabling effective collaboration between employees.

About BanaBay

BanaBay specialises in the production of premium quality fruit, with employees worldwide. Communication is therefore fundamental to the successful operation of the business and Banabay is dependent on having a robust and resilient IT infrastructure. After several years of rapid continuous growth, Banabay faced the challenge of applying the appropriate technology to support communication and collaboration within the business. The main areas that presented a challenge to BanaBay were telephony cost, internet reliability, IT support, collaboration capability and the absolute need for business continuity and disaster recovery.

“Serviceteam IT have been our IT support provider since the early stages of our business and helped us manage our technology as we have scaled. They take a holistic approach to technology to ensure that our current systems work for us while keeping us abreast of where our tech should be heading. They feel like part of the team and provide us with a number of IT services including outsourced IT support as they genuinely care about our infrastructure and our business.”

Mark O’Sullivan, Managing Director

Thank You

We’re proud to provide services and good value to our customers. We would like to thank BanaBay for giving us glowing recommendations to many new customers, including Substrakt and Rewired PR. If your organisation is moving premises or expanding, Serviceteam IT can provide a free, no-obligation network, cloud and communications consultation. Ensuring your organisation has the tools required, for the level of service needed.

With over 20 years of experience, Serviceteam IT design and deliver sophisticated connectivity, communication, continuity, and cloud services, for organisations that need to stay connected 24/7. We take the time to fully understand your current challenges, and provide a solution that gives you a clear understanding of what you are purchasing and the benefits it will bring you.

To find out how we can help you, call us on 0121 468 0101, use the Contact Us form, or why not drop in and visit us at 49 Frederick Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1HN.

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